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Meet Our Staff

Chris and Christine Pieck

Local Owners

Chris and Christine Pieck are the owners, and they love bikes! Christine is a Massage Therapist who rides mountain, road and family bikes. She spends most of her time tending to the future owners of the bike shop, Danielle and Julia. Those that are in the shop often see them helping at events or riding their bikes around. Chris is the bikes for life kind of guy who has been working on bikes since he was big enough to use tools. He started working in a shop in Schenectady, NY in the mid ‘90s. Several years later, he moved down to Baltimore, MD where he found work in a shop as mechanic and got to work with Trek VW racing team. In 2002, he started working at Trek Corporate. It was there that he set up shop and started answering phones for Trek and working with dealers all around the country. The final move was in 2010, when Chris and his family moved down to Greensboro, NC to open up the Trek Bicycle Store Greensboro.

Since opening, the shop and business have grown quickly. We have discovered the cycling community here in Greensboro is close, and we are here to serve your cycling needs! Come on in to the store and ask questions. Bring your bike if you need service! Once you come into the store you will realize that you have found the best service available in the Triad! You will not be disappointed.

Chris and Christine Pieck

Steve Hudson

Steve has been at the store since day one. He is a roadie all the way with a passion for touring with solid commuting miles in fair weather. He is our ride leader for the C ride on Saturdays in season and he is usually riding on a steel steed. Steve is from Alamance County, served in the USAF from 75-79 and considers himself a local, organic cyclist. His favorite food is beer and his favorite recovery drink is beer. Steve would like to ride across America at some point and his motto is “15.2," which refers to the speed he travels. Come on in and test your knowledge of the local roads and weather forecast with Steve.

Stamps Transou

Stamps Transou

Stamps is easily a mountain biker through and through. His favorite trail is anything in Pisgah, where after a day of riding you can catch him eating Sushi and searching for a Dales Pale Ale. If you are from the area, you know Stamps won’t have to search long for the Dales. But good sushi on the other hand, isn’t too easy to come by. Stamps attended Guilford College and has a degree in Pottery but found his love in wrenching on bicycles. His favorite bike currently is a Trek Fuel Ex 9 and when he is not riding, he is rapping about how he is going to get out on his next ride.


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Do you have a passion for cycling, love to work and strive to be the best at everything you do?

Think you would like to work with us at the Trek Bicycle Store Greensboro?

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Well now that you have read the bio’s, you can see that we have a very similar message – Bikes, Beer and more Bikes. Everyone here Get Outside truly loves bicycles and being a part of the team. When you come in for the first time you will see that and feel very comfortable asking any questions you may have. Our goal is to make sure that all of our customers have a great experience and know that we are here to support them through all aspects of cycling.